Pre-Vacation Checklist: 8 Things to Take Care of Before Leaving the House

There’s nothing more exciting than preparing to go on a trip. You are checking your checklist of what to bring and what not to bring, your budget, and itinerary. You are also on the run to choose among the best luggage sets that you can bring for your much-awaited vacation.

The list just goes on and with so many things on our minds, we tend to forget a couple of important things such as what we need to do to get home without any stress.

That said, here’s a checklist of eight things that you need to take care of before leaving the house:

1. Pay off your bills

Paying our bills is one of our biggest responsibilities.

So, before going away for your much-needed vacation, remember to pay up your bills first. This is of course if they’re not automatically scheduled payment.

Going back to a bunch of late fees is the last thing you want when you get back from your trip.

2. Unplug appliances

Remember how we always say to turn off unused devices? This is also the same when you’re leaving for a trip.

Make sure you don’t leave any appliances plugged in. Appliances that are plugged in, even if unused, can still suck up power.

Unplugging them will save you a lot for your electricity bills. Plus, it’s also to make sure that your house remains safe and secure until you get home.

You don’t want to go home to a burned house due to overheated appliances, don’t you?

3. Clean your house

Vacations can be both fun and tiring. Jumping from one place to another and trying to capture every single perfect moment can drain our energy. So the last thing we need is to come home to a filthy house after the vacation.

Before you leave, make sure you clean up. Replace your bed sheets for cleaner ones. Wipe the tabletops, counters, and cabinets. Check your refrigerator if there’s anything you need to throw away. Do the laundry because you don’t want to get back to the smell of spoiled clothes. Wash the dishes, sweep your floor clean, etc.

Anything basic, really, just to give your house that fresh and clean look before you leave. Aside from it being hygienic, a clean home will help you relax well after your long vacation.

4. Take out the trash

This is also an important part of the cleaning process and shouldn’t be overlooked. If you have cleaned out your refrigerator, thrown away some rotten foods there, then it’s really important to take the trash out.

You don’t want to go home to a house that smells like garbage and fruit flies gathering just because you forgot to do this.

5. Check all entry points

Whether the neighborhood you live in is prone to burglary or not, it’s best to check all entry points of your home. This refers to the main door, back door, side door, and windows.

Make sure that you locked every opening securely. You don’t want to come home to missing appliances or furniture just because you forgot to lock the door.

For additional security, you can set up alarms or CCTVs. This is in case burglary happens even if you’ve already secured your home.

6. Water your plants

Plants should be as important as your home too. So, don’t forget to water them.

Remember, you’re going away to a long vacation and by the time you get home, they’re probably dead. That’s really sad if you think about it.

Water both your indoor and outdoor plants. It’s best that they get enough nutrients they need until you get back.

7. Check your faucets

Just the same with the electricity, check your faucets too. Make sure that no water is running or even dripping. This is extremely wasteful, especially if you’re in an area where water is scarce.

You don’t also want to get home to a flooded house if ever. Not to mention how this can affect your next water bill. You don’t want that stress.

8. Hide valuables items

Don’t leave important items lying on top of a table or anywhere visible to the naked eye.

Gadgets, money, and expensive jewelry should be kept in a cabinet with lock or security such as a volt.

This is in case a thief gets inside your house and will try to steal anything they find valuable. This is a scenario we would never want to happen but it’s best that we’re prepared for anything.


A lot of us don’t really get a lot of vacation, which is why it’s understandable that we get super excited.

However, this excitement might cause us a lot of stress after coming back from vacation if we forget the important and necessary things.

Thus, the checklist above will help get rid of any possible stress so that on your next vacation, you can enjoy the trip and relax when you get home.

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