Find a mate and things to note that you should not ignore

Meta: Whether you are a student, a low-income person or you have a job and a good income. Finding people to share accommodation costs and other expenses is common in big cities and industrial zones.

Sapo: However, the transplantation often raises many problems such as the difference in the way of life, habits and way of living as well as respect for the partner. Here are some notes for you when looking for people to join, tim nguoi o ghep, please consult our article!

Notes when looking for friends

Post and find information in online graft

There are many methods to find friends in grafting. You can ask your friends, post information on classifieds sites, social networks, etc… The most fast and effective way is to post information to find people to match on reputable accommodation websites like ‘Alo Nha Tro’. You will quickly find someone who is in need of a transplant.

If you are a boarder, try to find out as much detail as possible about accommodation features, prices and rules. Please pay attention to find out before deciding to stay grafted!


Human heart transplant is an essential need of young people in big cities.

Know the object carefully before staying

Finding a partner for you, tim nguoi o ghep is extremely important. Please learn carefully about the identity and personality of the object in combination with you to avoid possible unpleasant incidents. It is best to have a face-to-face meeting to discuss and agree on the rules and regulations together.

Be cautious in identifying identity: You need to know basic information about your roommate, the basic information that needs the year are: name, hometown, occupation, date of birth, etc… Good Most of all, keep a photocopy or copy of the ID card or passport of the person you live with. For the most safety, stay with someone you know or ask a friend to recommend. Currently, there are many cases of pretending to find people to live in to steal property. Knowing your roommate’s information will help you be more proactive if a bad situation happens.

What kind of person should I live with? For fellow students, it’s best to find classmates to live with. Your classmates or the same school will ensure the same time and can support each other in learning. Besides, try to find out your personality and living habits before deciding to live together.

Investigate the boarding room before you move in

To know the exact status of the inn, it is necessary to come directly to understand the situation. Come see directly, you can know how many people the room has in, and what the room is. Besides, you can know how the traffic is? Is the electricity and water situation comfortable? Is the room clean? If the room is tidy and clean, it means that the person living in the room with me is conscious and vice versa. From there you make it easier to make a decision.

Agree on some general rules

In order to soon settle in the transplant life, you need to agree on some general rules. To ensure that in the process of living together there are not unnecessary conflicts.

Do not arbitrarily use other people’s belongings and ensure privacy.

Avoid taking friends of the opposite sex to the party room or staying.


Many people living together in a space need certain rules

Do not live loudly in the room, avoid affecting roommates.

Time to turn off the lights at night and avoid noise in the evening,

Divide cleaning time and cleaning rooms.

These are very small problems in living together tim nguoi o ghep, but if there is no agreement from the beginning, it will be very difficult to transplant. You need to pay attention to agree with each other when deciding to join.

Limit to buy general items

In addition to personal belongings, there will be general-use items such as: Kitchen, pot, fan, etc… A little note when living in the joint tim phong tro is to minimize the purchase of shared utensils and avoid inconvenience when someone makes decisions. Thus, limit buying shared items per person in the room. Everyone can freely move away if they move and there is no trouble distributing the value of the item.

Should divide cleaning days

The purpose of cleaning the room is to keep the common living space clean. The division schedule must be clear for each task, depending on the time of each person to have a specific schedule. Everyone will arrange their time to make a good cleaning schedule. Avoid the case of relapse causing unnecessary conflicts.

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