Students who study foreign languages ​​often face many obstacles, the most difficult to learn English must mention the following.

Benefits of English communication

English is the language used worldwide. In addition to being the official language of the United States, England and Australia, English is also commonly used in other countries. There are many advantages to knowing this language, but the difficulty of learning English is also small and the process is often challenging. Individual characteristics of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation … make English one of the most difficult languages ​​to learn. Despite the challenges and difficulties in learning English but having this foreign language, you will be rewarded with access to a wealth of new information and opportunities. Don’t worry about learning English for what to do if you don’t know the benefits of this language yet.

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  • Expanding learning knowledge: Most of the knowledge in the world is published in English and many of the most prestigious schools in the world also speak English. Even if you do Vietnamese essays, you also need English to look up foreign information; If it is difficult to learn English, your essay will limit the information! In addition, the ability to speak English provides more direct and accurate access to automated web-based translation information, while enhancing communication with English speakers wherever you go.
  • Improving job opportunities: Advantages and disadvantages in learning English most easily in working people who want to improve their qualifications but are limited in time. Difficulties in arranging study hours or schedule for self-study but if English is available, employees can advance quickly and have opportunities to interact with more professional working environments.
  • Confidently move across 5 continents: When traveling abroad, knowing English is a great advantage. If you want to go to the United States, England or Australia, it is very beneficial to speak English. In addition, English is often used in other countries as an auxiliary language and will be very helpful for tourists, even if you only know how to talk on a basic level. Therefore, if you are passionate about traveling around, do not let the difficulties in learning English hinder your step, trying to cultivate and conquer English is a must.

Difficulties in learning a student’s foreign language

Students are receptive generation and change according to the most modern era in any era. In language learning, these young people know how to refresh and improve their abilities. However, in a country where English is not a national language like Vietnam, difficulties in learning a foreign language are inevitable.

There are four major limitations to the first, the lack of vocabulary, weak grammar. Although not the national language, it must be acknowledged that the existing Latin alphabet in Vietnam creates both advantages and difficulties in learning English compared to hieroglyphs. However, the sentence structure and the limited vocabulary make many students difficult to learn English. According to the survey results, there are many people who started to learn English from elementary school, but until college, the vocabulary and sentence structure are still relatively small because the way of studying many times is still not done Effective for memorizing and communicating. This problem can be improved if you learn vocabulary by enhancing communication, imagining communication situations to be able to form natural reflexes in a real communication situation or integrate learning. into daily life.

English is a challenge for many students
The difficulty in learning English is followed by limited listening skills. The structure of English includes both vowels, consonants, accents and intonations that most students often forget to press English sounds, speak without intonation. This hinders a lot of communication. Since then, when listening to native speakers, you cannot recognize it because you normally remember that word in a completely different way. And conversely, when you express the native speakers, you don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

Inferiority in communication is also a difficulty when learning English communication. Psychology is a big barrier, directly affecting the process of improving communication English. People who are afraid to say wrong, write many errors will be afraid to communicate in English and this wants to overcome, only you can do. Be more open and positive in psychology, think with learning because when communication becomes an obsession, learning English well will become more remote.

The most common mistake that students face is to switch English into Vietnamese in thinking. This is what makes it difficult to learn English when communicating and writing articles because it forms a bad habit that prevents you from reflecting English well. You should practice listening and visualizing instead of translating

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