6x20m garden villa design ideas for Bridge students

Villas 6 x 20 design

Model 4 level beautiful 6×20 3 bedrooms cheap cost modern European modern design style is a lot of attention. The investor of the 4-meter front-end house design house, Ms. Phuong, Vinh Long city is also the place where the design was built.

The land plot is used to build a model of a grade 4 house with beautiful frontage for traffic, 6m in width and 25m in length. Partly due to the low use of the utility and partly due to moderate economic conditions, Phuong chose to build a cheap 4-level house design. The construction design on the whole plot width makes it easy to divide the function space, use the airy space. The length of a 25m lot of architects leave 3m in front of the fence gates is also a parking place, after 2m to get light is the place to hang clothes. As well as the 6m wide design townhouses, affordable 4-level houses focus on decorating only on the facade. Designing options to create fake roofs with pairs of round pillars painted with fake stones to support the position of racing roofs in the lobby. With 2 pairs of pillars placed on the remaining 2 sides of the lobby up to 4m, helping the airy front to get better light for convenient use. Design of beautiful 4×20 houses 6x20m due to the external fence gate, the main door is designed in aluminum and glass, see more at: https://thietkenhadepmoi.com/tag/thiet-ke-nha-cap-4 cheap price, high aesthetic beauty in accordance with the design style as well as ensuring safety. sure. Only the 6m facade needs decoration, so the architect designed the design with luxurious natural stone wall, pillars and fences painted with stones and patterns, the entire lobby is tiled with dark stones. color. The lobby is arranged with equally luxurious decorative lighting system next to other townhouse designs with larger construction costs.

Cheap villas 4 leve design

biệt thự thiết kế đẹp

The design of a 4-level house with 6m facade has the function of using 3 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and 2 toilets to fully meet the requirements of the 4-member family of Ms. Phuong’s family. Leaving the space in the front and the land after the car parking, washing as well as helping the room to get natural light cool. The total usable area of ​​120m2 is not small, so the bedrooms have an average area of ​​15m2, the living room will be combined with the function of booking the church. The kitchen in the back morning took the next light and joined the living room through the common corridor on the right.

As a cheap 4-level design KTS has optimized the performance with a floor area of ​​120m2, the decoration of the facade is not too picky. The false roof of the facade ensures the elegance, the depth of the roof is not large, behind the design, the roof is covered with corrugated iron against heat. Despite the design of a cheap 4-level house, we still offer a solid structural solution to ensure that later, if needed, Ms. Phuong’s family can go to the second floor to increase the use. In addition, to minimize the cost of the back, the roof can be selected with heat-resistant corrugated iron combined with low-cost plastic ceiling or plaster ceiling for the space of the rooms with a more cool finish.

Designing a beautiful 4x20m 4-bedroom house is just one of hundreds of 4-level houses designed by a beautiful new home construction architecture. You need advice on cheap grade 4 design contact right away hotline 0975 945 433, wish you have a beautiful level 4 house design like the best.

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